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Great work!

So simple but you gave me a laugh!

Pain in the ass..

Hi Shaun! I'm as always amazed by your artwork. The amount of detail and effort put into every single little piece of this flash( or your others for that matter ) is just astounding. I love the dialouge and how the characters were designed. Funny how you managed to make your voice actually sound like you were two different people. You fooled my ears that is. Kind of. I hope you'll get more views and fame in your,, life really. You are a true artist. I know how much effort you put into every project you work on,, even if it's a small or bigger one. And i've always thought you push yourself too hard. You are a hard worker! That says a lot about who you are. I'm truly inspired by you as a person. I know you will get successful if you keep going on with this kind of stuff as your profession. You will get famous one day, i swear!

And i'll be a close bromate standing right next to you through thick and thin... no manly body parts involved though.

I hope you are doing well and everything goes in a good flow.


Love you bro!<3

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Good effort

Well, i don't really like quiz games.. but this one was OK :D, thanks for using my music aswell!

keep at it

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ShmenonPie responds:

Thanks, I really like your music, and I'm glad you took the time to look at my quiz.

Very Unique!!

I really liked this game !!

It was allright

It was allright and all, but yeah.. it wasn't something to new or intresting, BUT i voted 4 just to be nice :)

Try to make a kind of different game next time, a little more intresting.

Well good luck to you!

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I loved it
a 10
and a download!

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NutronicUK responds:

i like yous avater bro it is many cool.


this was random! nice intro though,, whole thing made me laugh ;D

Boux responds:

not mine, made by louis boux


Boux Le Magic

Boux responds:

Sim the great!!!

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Beautiful! I love the sense of atmosphere in this artwork. The snow feels "heavy" on the trees and surrounding landscapes and that shine of light can be interpreted in different ways. There is also a feeling of upcoming dread surrounding the girl. Anyway, fantastic job! :)

Jafrie-Art responds:

Thank you so much! :)

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